Planning ahead

Series of leaflets produced in consultation with the NSW Aged Care Roundtable. Each leaflet focuses on an individual aspect of care to increase consumer knowledge and make the journey into residential aged care easier: Contracts and fees, Staffing, GP ser ...

Information and legal orders for guardianship.

A counsellor registered with the Australian Counselling Association provides counselling on the psychological and emotional aspects of living with motor neurone disease.

Information about accessing your super if you have a medical condition causing permanent incapacity or likely to result in your death within the next 24 months.

Information on appointing a Power of Attorney or having guardianship provisions in place.

The general practitioner (GP) is a doctor providing general medical care and some care coordination.

A clinical psychologist has specialised training in the assessment and diagnosis of mental health problems and the assessment and treatment of a wide range of psychological problems.

A social worker provides counselling on the psychological and emotional aspects of living with motor neurone disease.

Gather My Crew is a free, online help roster that lets people going through tough times to coordinate the practical help they need from friends and family.

Free government telephone service that provides legal information, referrals and in some cases, advice for people who have a legal problem in NSW.

Consultant, counsellor and celebrant services for people living with a life limiting illness, their families and carers.

An Advance Care Directive form to complete and an Information Booklet to help you complete your Advance Care Directive.

MND Advisors are qualified health professionals with specific local knowledge and experience of working with people living with MND and their families.

MND NSW information service to answer questions from anyone who needs to know more about MND.

The Australian Government My Health Record is a secure online summary of your health information. You can control what goes into it, and who is allowed to access it. You can choose to share your health information with your doctors, hospitals and other he ...

Web based tool where you answer questions online that are designed to help identify, consider and communicate your wishes about the medical treatment you would want in the later stages of life.

Information and legal orders for guardianship, financial management, consent for treatment, enduring powers of attorney and enduring guardianship.

Brain and spinal cord donors are being recruited by both Macquarie Neurology and the ForeFront clinic at the Brain and Mind Research Institute.

The palliative care team specialises in interventions that can improve quality of life for people with life limiting conditions.

Information and tools for advance care planning, preparing a will, making a power of attorney and appointing an enduring guardian.