Medical and allied health care

Health information for people who have a health concern and require the advice of a GP after-hours.

Information to assist with the prevention and management of bladder and bowel problems.

Care coordinators and case managers assist people to access health and community services.

Community/aged care workers provide general household assistance, emotional support, care and companionship to people in their homes.

Funding for up to six weeks of a non-clinical case managed program of community care available for people being transferred home from a participating NSW public hospital.

Information from volunteer dentists about dental treatment, treatment plans and understanding fees and charges.

Online directory of dental practices in Australia.

Dietitians provide dietary and nutritional advice.

The general practitioner (GP) is a doctor providing general medical care and some care coordination.

A physiotherapist helps you maintain physical activity and mobility.

A clinical psychologist has specialised training in the assessment and diagnosis of mental health problems and the assessment and treatment of a wide range of psychological problems.

A social worker provides counselling on the psychological and emotional aspects of living with motor neurone disease.

A speech pathologist helps in the management of communication and swallowing.

An occupational therapist (OT) helps to maintain mobility, function and independence.

Online directory of optometrists in Australia.

To access public health services. Eight local health districts cover the Sydney metropolitan region, and seven cover rural and regional NSW.

Video and print stories from people about their experience in living with their health condition.

Smartphone app to improve medication management.

Rebate on electricity cost for people who have a medically diagnosed inability to self-regulate body temperature when exposed to extremes of environmental temperatures.

If you travel overseas you can get help with the cost of essential medical treatment in some countries under the Australian Government's Reciprocal Care Agreements.