An alarm system which when activated via the pendant or alarm unit contacts the 24/7 monitoring centre. The centre consists of trained care consultants who aid the user by carrying out requests or taking action

A personal alarm pendant that can be pressed if an emergency occurs, contact is made to family, friends or triple zero.

On call 24/7 support which is monitored by nurses. Operates via mobile network or NBN Pendant or wristband, fall detector pendant also available.

Personal alarm pendants that you can wear any wear and access help at the press of a button.

A personal alarm system that uses 4G, GPS and fall detection technology through a variety of products.

A personal alarm system with 24 hour response service. MePACS Personal Alarms are available as home, mobile and watch alarms.

A personal monitoring & medical alarm service

A smart plug which fits between any appliance and the wall to measure when these appliances are used. Umps learns the daily routine of the user and will recognize unusual activity and then send an alert to your contacts.