The MND Hub Directory for people with motor neurone disease, their family and friends has been developed by MND NSW to provide you with information about services and resources that may be of interest to people in Australia and New Zealand.

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Getting started quick reference list with online links I have MND. Now What?

Let us know of services and resources for people living with MND that you think we should include in this Directory

The health and disability sectors are undergoing significant change. If you know of an MND service or resource that could be helpful but is not listed, find a mistake in an existing listing or try a phone number or web link that no longer connects to the service or resource you are expecting, please let MND NSW know by email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

The content of this Directory is provided for information purposes

People using the content undertake responsibility for determining the suitability of a service or resource for their particular needs. By including a service or resource, MND Associations are not endorsing or recommending that particular service or resource, unless it is their service.